Where can I fly fish for Golden Trout in California

Where can I fly fish for Golden Trout in California

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The Sierra Nevada mountains are home to various streams and lakes that serve as habitats for the Golden Trout, California's state fish. Some of the notable bodies of water where Golden Trout can be found include:


Kern River - This river, particularly in its upper reaches, is a renowned spot for Golden Trout. 

Volcano Creek - It is considered the primary native habitat of the Golden Trout. 

Golden Trout Creek - As the name suggests, it is another primary habitat for these fish. 

South Fork Kern River - This is also a significant habitat for the Golden Trout. 

Cottonwood Lakes - Located in the John Muir Wilderness, these lakes are a known spot for Golden Trout fishing. 

Little Kern River - It is a tributary of the Kern River that hosts a population of Golden Trout. 

Monache Meadows - Streams in this area are known for their Golden Trout populations. 

Both anglers and conservationists highly value these locations, as the Golden Trout is a species that is native to the Sierra Nevada and is often sought after for its beauty and the challenging fishing it offers. Ongoing efforts are being made to conserve and protect these habitats, given the ecological importance of the Golden Trout.

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