Leaders for Giant Trevally

Leaders for Giant Trevally

When fly fishing for Giant Trevally (GT), it is important to use a robust and heavy leader due to the strength and size of these fish. A typical leader setup for GTs should include:

  1. Length: The leader should be relatively short, around 6 to 7 feet in length. This shorter length aids in casting the large flies that are typically used for GTs and provides better control during the fight. Straight heavy tippet material is fine due to the short length of the leader. There is no need for a tapered leader.
  2. Strength: The breaking strength of the leader should be significantly high. A leader with a strength of 80 to 130 pounds test is commonly used. This strength is necessary to handle the powerful runs and aggressive fights characteristic of GTs, as well as to withstand the abrasive mouths and sharp coral environments they often inhabit.
  3. Material: Many anglers prefer fluorocarbon for the leader material due to its abrasion resistance and lower visibility underwater, although it can be more expensive than monofilament.

Remember, the exact specifications may vary based on personal preference, the specific conditions of where you're fishing, and the size of the flies you're using. It's always a good idea to be prepared with a variety of leader strengths and lengths to adapt to different fishing situations.

Kevin Bell

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