Patagonian Base Camp, Chile



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Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile
Patagonian Base Camp, Chile

Patagonian Base Camp, Chile

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Patagonian Base Camp was established by Marcel and Carolina Sijnesael to provide a “home away from home” for the international fisherman. Marcel spent much of his adult life fishing all over the world and once he discovered the fishing and spectacular scenery in the Northern Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia he knew that it was the place where he was going to build his dream lodge. 

The lodge is centrally located and sits on the banks of the Rio Palena and living in the large variety of waters that are fished by the lodge’s guests, are fat and sturdy Rainbows and Browns that range from 12 to 20 inches.  Catching a 20 incher or larger fish is a common occurrence.  The lodge is the central hub of several locations and camps that are fished in the area, hence it actually is a “Base Camp”

 The location of the Base Camp Lodge was selected not only because of the proximity of the fishing but the vast beauty of the area. Every day you will be amazed at the beauty of the snow capped peaks that appear through the windows of the lodge. Each evening when you return to the lodge you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the professional staff, and be made to feel like family for the duration of your stay.

The Patagonian Base Camp is a small lodge that has some of the most diverse fish habitats one can find in Patagonia.  One of the most well known fishing lodges in the world, the lodge provides the highest level of comfort that you could ever want, that includes hot tub, sauna, and massage service. The lodge has a cellar that holds one of the finest Chilean wine selections there is.

For those who want to see Patagonia from a different angle, The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge has an extensive “non-fly fishing” program, including horse riding, bird and porpoise watching, river floating and rafting, hiking, visiting thermal baths, etc. However, for a relaxing non-fishing day in the wilderness, you do not have to leave the premises – the wood-heated hot tub and sauna on the river bank will give you that feeling of being completely away.


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While as a guest at the lodge you will have the opportunity to fish innumerable rivers, lagoons, creeks and lakes. The fish are all wild and average from 12 to 20 inches. Each week a fish 23 inches or larger is caught. So far the lodge record Rainbow is 32 inches. Whether a novice fly fisherman or expert there is a fishing opportunity for everyone.

In addition to the fishing program available in the waters close by of the lodge, several outlying camps are available. The Rio Palena Camp is available for overnight stay as is the Temple Camp which is located on riverfront property and has been recently acquired by the lodge. From the Base Camp Lodge you will have the opportunities to fish the Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa, and Yelcho rivers. The many tributaries located in the area will give you the chance to fish the very productive small creeks.

The Rio Palena starts in Argentina as Rio Corcovado and during its voyage to the ocean it changes by the mile and along with its many tributaries, it offers an incredibly diverse fishery. It is the lodge’s home river and it is about as good as it gets.

On the upper section of the river you will enjoy (depending on the conditions) lots of dry fly action and/or nymph fishing in riffles, while wading the numerous gravel bars. The last section of the river is packed with sunken trees, ideal for throwing heavy streamers to very large brown trout.

The river is accessed by jet boats or rafts.

The Rio Figueroa connects the region’s most important lakes, Lago Verde and Lago Rosselot and is one of the most beautiful rivers in Patagonia. The upper section winds through deep canyons and flows over big boulders. Some sections, especially the ones accessed from the Temple Camp require negotiating serious white water, but you'll be rewarded with some very large fish. The lower section where it enters Lake Rosselot is accessed by jet boat allowing guests to fish both sides of the river.

Lago Rosselot is the largest lake in the area and offers some of the most exciting and varied fishing that the lodge has to offer. Sheer rock wall drop-offs, wadeable shallow flats, and long shorelines studded with fish-harboring logs ensure Rosselot is never boring. The experience of sight fishing the “scum line” for huge lake dwelling fish, is unparalleled.

The Futaleufu flows from Argentina and is renowned as one of the world’s most challenging white water rafting rivers and also known for its great fishing. After flowing into Lake Yelcho it becomes the Rio Yelcho as it exits the lake. Our lodge record rainbow (a 20-lb fish!) came from here.

In the river proper, trout cruise the surface and you will be sight-fishing with very small flies (size 20 to 26), on 5X and 6X tippets in eddies and whirlpools. Very technical and exciting!

Then you’ll be changing rods and techniques to hunt large browns hidden deep down, behind boulders, with size 1/0 Zonkers –a strong contrast to the tiny little dry flies fished earlier in the day.

The guides are all experts in the unique ecology of the area. Additionally they will be happy to share their expertise in fly fishing technique whether you’re are a novice or an expert. Their nationalities are a mixture of Chilean and American and all speak fluent English.

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