Recommended Gear for Zhupanova River Float Trip, Kamkatcha Russia

The Zhupanova River is home to the largest Rainbow Trout in Kamchatka. The average trout on this river is 24-28 inches long, and trout over 30 inches are hooked weekly. In addition to enormous Rainbows, Zhupanova is home to a rare strain of sea-run Kundzha (Siberian white-spotted char). This is one of the only places in the world where you can target these fish; they grow to colossal proportions here. You will be fishing new waters and staying at a different camp each night along this 55 mile stretch of pristine river. The scenery is simply spectacular floating through thick Siberian pine and birch forests with steep surrounding canyons. Brown bear sightings along the shore are common. Nightly campfires complete a good day of fishing while the stars above seem close enough to tap.