Recommended Gear for Zendzur Hot Springs Lodge, Kamchatka Russia

Of all of the trout fisheries in the world, Kamchatka is one of the most remote and pristine environments for catching some of the largest Rainbow Trout in existance. These aren’t transplants from some other part of the world; they are as indigenous to Kamchatka waters, that empty into the northern Pacific, as are Steelhead and Rainbows are indigenous to the west coast of the USA. Where the Rainbows/Steelhead of the US, particularly those living in Washington, Oregon and California are now a hodgepodge of genes, mixed up by years of hatchery alchemy, the Kamchatka fish remain pure strain Oncorhynchus O. Mykis.

Remoteness has kept Kamchatka a pristine wilderness with pristine freshwater fisheries. Much of Kamchatka’s waters have been unexplored, and those that have, have only been fished by a relatively few individuals for the last twenty years.

One of the most productive world class rivers is the Zhupanova that holds arguably the worlds largest and most aggressive Rainbow Trout. Fish often reach lengths of 35 inches and can weigh over 10 lbs. It’s good to keep in mind that this is the only place in the world where you can catch a pure strain indigenous Rainbow that can reach that size.

Zendzur Lodge has access to over 30 miles of the Zhupanova. From their doorstep, jet boats can put you on to fish within a few miles from the lodge. The lodge is one of the oldest fishing lodges in Kamchatka and has the finest accommodations, service and food.