Recommended Gear for Vila Noblesa Lodge, Slovenia

Slovenia, a jewel of Europe. It is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that you will ever fish. The farm to table food is amazing as are the people who live and work there. Even better, the large marble trout re epic and only found in the cleanest and most beautiful water you will likely ever see. Solvenia offers exceptional fly fishing with both dry flies and nymphs. We also love to pull streamers for the largest trout!.

Slovenia is truly a country rich in history, culture, unparalleled beauty, great food, generous loving people and a certain charm that will have you planning your next trip before you even cast a your first line. For those of us who have been to Slovenia and fished it's emerald waters, we are consumed with thoughts of returning for trophy marble trout and experiencing its vibrant European culture.

Wild On The Fly has hosted numerous trips to Slovenia and made two fly fishing films. We have created superb relationships with the best hotels, lodges, guides and consider ourselves to be “the” experts in travel to Slovenia. Not only is this a fantastic fishing and cultural experience, it will create a burning desire for you to return for more.

The Villa Noblesa Lodge is owned and operated by Branko and his wife Vlasta, both are exceptional hosts. The Lodge is amazing with its fresh fruit, private vineyard, their own wines and cheeses produced at the Villa.

Evenings are highlighted with exceptional five course meals along with many wines and brandies. Branko is also a world class and award winning fly tier as well as an accomplished hunter and taxidermist. He has many stories about all of his fishing and hunting adventures.

This is a trip you can do alone, with a fishing partner or with a group.