Recommended Gear for Soaring Eagle Lodge, New Mexico

The Soaring Eagle Lodge is the only fly fishing lodge that sits right on the banks of New Mexico’s San Juan River. It has been in operation for 19 years, and has been under the current ownership for the last 15.

It’s southwest ambience is punctuated by the sweet smell of the desert air that flows over land that has been home to civilizations that have lived in the area for thousands of years. This northwestern corner of New Mexico has a multicultural history derived from the succession of several native American cultures, Spanish exploration and settlement and the arrival of European Americans in the nineteenth century.

In 1962 Navaho Dam was completed on the San Juan which turned the waterway that fluctuated seasonably in both flow and temperature to one that had cool consistent flows year round; the perfect environment for the proliferation of big Rainbows and Browns. Since then the year round fishery of the San Juan has become legendary and draws fishermen from around the world.