Recommended Gear for Sedanka Spring Creek Float Trips, Kamkatcha Russia

Like many other fishing destinations in the former Soviet Union, very little was known about the quality of fishing on the Kamchatka Peninsula prior to the fall of the Iron Curtin. In the early 1990s word began to leak out about the amazing Rainbow Trout fishing in this sparsely populated corner of Asia. As more and more westerners began to explore this difficult to reach area of the world, fly fishing travel professionals traveled the peninsula extensively and found un-fished rivers that hold fish populations that are reminiscent of western United States in the early 19th Century.

Of those amazing rivers Sedanka Spring Creek, discovered in 1998, is considered one of the most unique pieces of trout water in the world. The fact that its water has a subterranean origin in vast porous lava beds make it a true spring creek that never blows out during heavy rainstorms. It is very rich with insect, mouse and salmon biomass that feeds a very dense population of 18 to 30 inch native Rainbow Trout. It also is a great fishery for sea run Dolly Varden, and Kundzha.

Due to the very narrow 4 month summer season, the Sedanka’s Rainbows have learned to be very opportunistic as far as their eating prefrences are concerned. They will essentially grab at almost any life form the comes close to their feeding lie. They feed down below, but they are always looking up making the Sedanka one of the best dry fly fishing rivers in the world. You can test your skills with exotic dry fly patterns that you have created at your fly tying bench or just throw a mouse pattern at them and after a few twitches will get a violent strike. Mouse patterns always work.

Its remoteness-a 3 hour helicopter ride from Kamchatka’s largest city, Petropavlovsk- means that once you get there you and the five other guests will have it all to your selves for the whole week. It’s a walk and wade program with the boats moving you from location to location. It’s a true rustic adventure and not for those who are out of shape, yet the level of service and the accommodations are about as good as it gets considering the remoteness of the river.