Recommended Gear for Savan River Lodge Float Trip, Kamchatka Russia

Kamchatka! Need we say more? Every serious angler has heard and wants to experience this wonderland of time turned back. Endless rivers, many which are only fished a few weeks a year and many that are still waiting to be explored!

The Savan River is without a doubt one of the most spectacular rivers in Kamchatka. Float and fish at a new camp each night on the upper Savan if you chose or stay at Base Camp and explore the lower river each day in jet boats.

Depending on the fishing, some groups may chose to camp on the floating section of the river the entire week. Others may chose to use the inflatable jet-boats to continue accessing the water below the Lodge, motoring back up to the comforts of the Base Camp each evening refreshed by a hot shower. Flexibility is built into this adventure.

Fish this legendary river in runs that are filled with large fly eating rainbows, big char and runs of salmon! This river is a short one hour helicopter ride from Petropavlovsk, which is a four hour flight from Anchorage. The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the most Southeastern parts of the Russian continent. The area has relatively mild winters and is filled with brown bear, otter, bighorn sheep, caribou, moose and large rainbow trout!

Located over 12 time zones away from Moscow, the Kamchatka Peninsula offers a safe and welcome environment for westerners. This volcano and river-filled region has always been regarded as a land of wonder. The peninsula has more landmass than California, yet only one passable road into the interior. The west coast and all of the northern regions remain roadless and totally inaccessible except by helicopter.

Wild On The Fly staff has been to Kamchatka many times and knows the best outfitters for your trip. We promise this will qualify as the best trout fishing experience imaginable and the adventure and beauty will exceed your expectations three times over! You can confidently choose the Savan River for your Kamchatka experience.