Recommended Gear for Pirarucú Lodge, Brazil

Pirarucú is located within the Mamirauá Reserve, about 600 km west of Manaus, a complex of lakes and channels between the Solimões River and Japura River. Mamirauá was the first Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil, legislated by the Government of Amazonas in 1996, and remains the largest arapaima reserve in the world. The purpose of a Sustainable Development Reserve is to find a balance between biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development of an area inhabited by human populations.

Mamirauá covers an area of 1,124,000 hectares and passes through the municipalities of Uarini, Fonte Boa and Maraã. Other important Amazonian municipalities are also located in its area of influence, such as Jutaí, Alvarães and Tefé, the region's primary urban center and an hour and a half boat ride from Pirarucú.

The water in the core of the reserve is called “black water” in the Amazon, which, despite dark tinting from jungle leaves, is actually quite clear, allowing for sight casting opportunities for a variety of different species.