Recommended Gear for Outpost Mothership, Louisiana Bayou

An angler’s paradise, the southern Louisiana marsh is the redfish capital of the world, vast and remote, yet only an hour from New Orleans and its famous dining, music and nightlife. Like the expansive West Side of Andros Island, Bahamas, it’s hard to picture the scope of the marsh unless you fly over it. It seems endless; a massive labyrinth of shallow bays, ponds, canals and channels, bayous, larger lakes and mud flats. And these fishing grounds south of Houma can only be accessed by the right shallow water skiffs captained by guides with the proper local knowledge, which means it’s rare to see any other anglers while you’re out enjoying the day. And this is the type of fishing fly anglers dream of; skinny water sight-casting to huge unpressured redfish that will eagerly smash your well-presented offering.

Anglers in the know understand Louisiana’s Gulf Coast is home to the largest population of Redfish anywhere, and if you’re looking for size, the area is unequaled for large bull reds. And while you’ll be focused on the fishing, it’s nice to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the abundant wildlife. A diversity of bird species share the marsh with sea otters, turtles, raccoons, and a variety of other game fish including Black Drum, Sheepshead, Alligator Gar, Jack Crevalle, and an occasional Tarpon. The marshes are considered an excellent year-round fishery, but the Outpost program will focus on the late autumn and winter months - prime time for the large bull redfish, spectacular copper-colored monsters that will run 20 to 40+ pounds. The adventure begins south of Houma, Louisiana, an hour or so drive from New Orleans airport. The Outpost Mothership Louisiana team will meet you at one of several different access point with skiffs or a tender for the run out to the ship which will be 10 to 45 minutes away.