Recommended Gear for Orinoco Lodge & Camp, Colombia

Fishing the Orinoco, Tomo, Terrecay and Mesetas Rivers. This is the perfect mix between world class wading, Class IV rapids, in search of 20+ pound Payara and Giant Sarinata on the Orinoco River. Good Catfish fishing and excellent opportunities of catching 10-22 pound Peacock Bass. The natural beauty is unrivaled, and the pull of land-based 20+ pound Payara in strong current is also without equal. This is the best venue on the planet currently for targeting trophy Payara and Sardina. Every season we catch several Payara over 30-pounds and most over 20 pounds.

Peacock Bass in these remote waters react very well to fly fishing with most in excess of 20 pounds. Great opportunities for Gilded Catfish, Red Tail Catfish, and Piraiba.