Recommended Gear for Mongolia River Outfitters

Little was known about fly fishing in Mongolia until the early 90s when word began trickling through gaps in the rapidly deteriorating Iron Curtin about giant Taimen trout that lived in the remote waters of this mysterious Asian country. Mongolia River Outfitters began exploring the area and over the years developed fishing programs for fishing Mongolia unlike any other destination in the world.

When you visit this amazing country you will observe a culture where nomads still roam on horseback, where hardly a fence exists and the trout reach a size found nowhere else. Locals still follow a unique horse riding lifestyle with deep Tibetan Buddhist roots and a serious respect for nature. They place high value on hospitality and are hard working, fun and highly attentive individuals. Just getting to know them will make your trip memorable.

Diligent stewardship by Mongolian River Outfitters with local communities to conserve the rivers has resulted in the establishment of the world’s first Taimen Sanctuary where you will enjoy your best fishing adventure. All fishing is “catch & release” and “fly fishing only. Commercial forestry is prohibited as are motor boats, construction of permanent tourism infrastructure and the introduction of hatchery fish. More than 400 miles of river are jealously protected for Taimen trout. No international angler may legally access these rivers without a permit secured exclusively through Mongolia River Outfitters or Fish Mongolia.

Mongolia River Outfitters began fly fishing adventures for Taimen, Amur Trout and Lenok back in 1993. Lenok and Amur Trout average 18-22 inches and Taimen that grow up to 50 inches. Anglers often bring to net more than 30 Lenok and Amure Trout in a single day, with many being enticed by flies floating on the surface.