Recommended Gear for Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina

The breathtaking Rio Gallegos meanders more than 360 km through desolate pampa before finally merging into the raging Atlantic Ocean near the Strait of Magellan. Though the region’s ineffable beauty is worth the journey itself, it’s Rio Gallegos’ sought after sea-run brown trout, also known as seatrout in many parts of the world, that make this location the cynosure of dedicated fly anglers world-wide. Estancia Las Buitreras comprises the most prolific beat along the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40 kms of private water and more than 50 named pools.

The sheer size and raging temper of the spectacular sea-run brown trout that call Estancia Las Buitreras waters home have rendered countless anglers awestruck. As we’ve just added a whole new stretch of water with over ten new scouted and approved pools to our existing program, there’s no better time to join us at Las Buitreras to try your hand at fishing for these exceptional creatures.