Recommended Gear for Kendjam, Brazil

Kendjam is located near the headwaters of the Irirí river, in one of the most hidden areas of Brazilian Amazon; the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory. The 800 mile Ororo Rover is the 15th longest in the Amazon The Kayapó is one of the most important Indian ethnic groups in the Amazon region, despite its decreasing population, now 8,000 people. Their ritual life and social organization is extremely rich and complex. The Kayapó are a proud people, and historically have fought hard to preserve their territory from outside encroachment.

The region offers the first multi-variety Amazon fly fishing destination with more than 450 different species in crystal clear fast waters. The river system runs over a huge granite base that facilitates wet wading and many sight casting opportunities. Kendjam is a hidden treasure protected from despoliation by the last guardians of the Amazon jungle: the Kayapó warriors.