Recommended Gear for Katmai Lodge, Alaska

We fly to all of the blue ribbon trout streams in the Bristol Bay area, providing diverse fishing and the opportunity to experience additional locations throughout Bristol Bay with amazing scenery and wildlife. All of these streams are within a 30 minute flight from Katmai Lodge.

The world famous Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park is truly a must-see while visiting Katmai Lodge. Here, you can watch one of the largest concentrations of Alaskan Brown Bears as they intercept the Sockeye salmon on their migration over Brooks Falls. This is where most of the Brown Bear footage you see for television documentaries is filmed.

With one of our professional guides accompanying each trip, and a scenic 25 minute flight from the lodge, Brooks Falls will be an experience you’ll never forget. The peak time for bear viewing at Brooks Falls is late June through July, though bears can still be sighted throughout August.