Recommended Gear for Jurassic Lake Lodge, Argentina

Jurassic Lake (Strobel Lake) is located in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina and is possibly the most amazing Rainbow Trout fishery in the world.

Such a boastful remark is based on the fact that that it’s not unusual for fishermen to shake off the 8 and 10 pounders, trying to get to one of the chrome 15 to 20 lb. behemoths that live in the lake and river! We at Wild On The Fly don’t think that any other location in the world can provide that kind of action.

The area is so remote that for most fishermen, it takes a 6 to 8 hour 4x4 journey on a poorly maintained dirt road to reach the area, but for Jurassic Lodge guests they have the option to reach the lodge by means of a flight from the town of Comodoro Rivadavia to the lodge’s own landing strip.

Up until recently the Jurassic Lodge existed as a rustic base camp housing its guests in a community of dome tents, but now it has been completely transformed into a modern fishing lodge that will appeal to the most discerning adventurer.

At a 3000ft elevation the crystal-clear Strobel Lake sits in a wide open desolate Patagonian plateau. The lake is literally a smorgasbord of high protein aquatic food, much of which are freshwater scuds and shrimp, which answers the question as to how do the Rainbow Trout grow larger there than any other location in the world.

They get big and fat in the lake and then when they make their spawning runs up the Barrancoso River they literally choke the inlet waiting to take their turn swimming up to the spawning beds. This is the one destination and only destination where you can be assured to catch a fish of a lifetime.