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Flyfishing in the Dragon Kingdom

Since 2007, Himalayan Flyfishing Adventures has been leading group expeditions throughout the magical kingdom of Bhutan. Join us for a day of brown trout and snow trout angling or a customized multi-day offering in search of the mystical Golden and Chocolate Mahseer!

The modern day Shangri-la

Bhutan is a small Buddhist kingdom located in Asia's Himalayan mountain range, the tallest mountains on Earth. Surrounded by India to the south and Tibet to the north, Bhutan is a land-locked country that measures approximately 200 miles west to east and 90 miles, north to south. Bhutan rises from 377 feet above sea level in its southernmost region to nearly 25,000 feet above sea level at the peak of its highest mountain, Jomolhari. Over the course of this relatively short distance, Bhutan features 11 of 13 temperate climate zones and maintains more than 60% forest coverage as mandated in perpetuity by the Bhutanese constitution. In fact, Bhutan is the world's ONLY country with a carbon NEGATIVE footprint.

In addition to being home to large mammals such as the Asian elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, red panda, Himalayan black bear, blue sheep and snow leopard, Bhutan also features 783 bird species, more than 800 butterfly species and upwards of 120 indigenous fish species, including game fish such as the famed Golden Mahseer, Chocolate Mahseer, Snow Trout and Brown Trout to name a few.

As the kingdom's most experienced and longest-operating flyfishing outfitter, Himalayan Flyfishing Adventures has explored dozens of rivers and streams across the kingdom in search of the finest fishing opportunities and continues to do so today.

Bhutan's topography is perfectly evolved with towering mountainous terrain descending to countless rivers and streams teeming with fish. Many stretches of the kingdom's most scenic and remote rivers have never been flyfished resulting in the opportunity for first fishing expeditions and memories to last a lifetime.