Recommended Gear for Gardens of the King, Cuba

Jardines del Rey (Garden of the King) Archipelago lies just off the northern coast of Cuba. Some of its cays are larger than some countries of the world and make it one of the awesome fishing destinations in the Cuban Caribbean. The north portion of this archipelago is surrounded by a coral wall 248 miles long, the second largest barrier reef in the world. There are canals among the cays and islets where large Tarpon travel through. This area had been known as the Tarpon Paradise of the North Coast of Cuba, a world class destination for Tarpon on the fly. It is an excellent and privileged area of marine life.

Fishing Gardens of the King is characterized by migratory tarpon fishing from March to August. While big tarpon swagger in the flats other species of trophy fish abound including bonefish, ´cudas and jacks.