Recommended Gear for Estancia Maria Behety, Argentina

Tierra del Fuego, at the edge of the Arctic and the most southern province of Argentina, is home to the world famous Rio Grande and its legendary giant sea run Brown trout. The Estancia Maria Behety Lodge is by all standards a “bucket list” destination.

What fisherman wouldn’t want to at least once in his or her life to catch what may be the world’s largest Brown Trout while enjoying what may be the most luxurious accommodations of any fishing destination in the world.

The 275,000 acre Estancia Maria Behety owns about 32 miles of river front along with two of the most luxurious fishing lodges in South America. The lodges are named Estancia Maria Behety Lodge and the other La Villa Maria Behety.

The estancia (ranch) was established by Juan Jose Menendez in 1894 on the banks of the Rio Grande and over the years it became one of the largest sheep and cattle ranches in South America.

Being that the Mendez family is primarily in the business of raising sheep for both wool and food, the operation of the two lodges and the fly fishing program is a personal passion and dedication to providing the best fishing, dining and lodging experience for its guests.