Recommended Gear for Delta Eco Lodge, Argentina

The Delta Fishing Trip is a new program located near Buenos Aires that will please serious anglers and business travelers alike. Delta Lodge is deeply submerged in nature but only minutes away from the city—offering the kinds of high-quality fishing, guiding, lodging and dining experiences only our host can provide. The Paraná River, one of the most remarkable watersheds in South America, develops into an incredible ecosystem at the end of its run into the Rio de la Plata, just outside of greater Buenos Aires. Known as the Delta, this endless labyrinth of streams, braids, side channels, bays, and islands brims with wildlife and beautiful dorado waters. This UNESCO designated “Biosphere Reserve” is also a bird watcher’s paradise. Here you’ll find the Delta Fishing Lodge, where our guided fly fishing programs take place. The Lodge offers two options in this unique area. For those who must stay in Buenos Aires for a day/night before heading to a fishing lodge elsewhere in the country, there is the day trip program. A private car will pick you up at your hotel and in just 35 minutes you’ll be on board custom made skiff—ready to go after dorado and tarariras with fly tackle. And for those willing to spend 1 or 2 more days, we’ve developed an exciting new lodge in the secluded islands surround Lodged by almost unexplored wild life.

Delta Fishing Lodge offers wonderful cuisine consisting of local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and delicious desserts.