Recommended Gear for Copper River Lodge, Alaska

The Copper River is likely the best trout river in Alaska! It is designated “fly fishing only” and is easily waded and gives up many huge trout each day. The Copper is known for amazing dry fly and streamer fishing during June and July. Some say it is like fishing the lower 48 with dries but Alaska sized rainbows and boasts incredible Sockeye salmon fishing in July.

You will be stunned by the beauty of this Alaskan river lined with groves of Birch, Cottonwood and Spruce. You will want to throw stoneflies, caddis, mayflies and mouse patterns in June and July, then move to egg and flesh patterns during August and September.

The Copper River Lodge, around for 40 years now, only takes 6 guests a week and is the only lodge on the actual river itself. You can wade and fish right in front of the lodge or fish any of the rivers 22 miles!

Over 90% of their clients are repeat clients or were referred to us by existing clients. Come see why Copper River Lodge is one of the best fly fishing trout lodges in Alaska!