Recommended Gear for Cinco Rios Lodge, Chile

Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan gave the name Patagonia to the southern tip of South America The name “Patagonia” is derived from the Portuguese word “pata gau” which means “Big Foot” due to the many large footprints of the indigenous people he found on the sand.

Sharing a latitude similar to the Columbia River in the states, its climate and topography is very conducive to salmonid growth. Due to the cold temperatures and abundant rivers in the region, the Salmonid species have found an ideal habitat to live and reproduce, thus becoming a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

The practically new Cinco Rios Lodge is located within ten minutes of Coyhaique and overlooks the Simpson River and valley. Each year the waters of Patagonia summon fishermen from all over the world for an unforgettable experience with each trip.

Situated on the banks of the legendary Simpson River, the Cinco Rios lodge has a spectacular view of the majestic Patagonian Andes that will elicit your first “Wow” response which will be the first of many during your week’s stay.

Cinco Rios was born in 2002 when Jay Burgin and Mary Jacques, owners of the legendary Five Rivers Lodge in Dillon Montana, captivated by the beauty and fishing of the area decided to create a unique lodge right in the heart of Chilean Patagonia with his Chilean partner Sebastian Galilea Sola.

After ten years, Jay, Mary and Sebastian built a brand new lodge in 2012. Mirrored by the hospitality of its owners, the lodge’s comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine, outstanding wines and the professionalism of its staff, Cinco Rios Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy your next vacation and fly fishing adventure in the Chilean Patagonia.