Recommended Gear for Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo is in the South Central region of the Cuban Archipelago, and it’s one of the last virtually untouched eco systems left on the planet. With 17 miles (27 Km) of fine white sand beaches, the surrounding ocean produces a spectacular kaleidoscope of colors, from incredible shades of ocean blue to the stunning pastels of turquoise and green. When you arrive in Cayo Largo you will be surprised to find a natural environment that has scarcely changed over the last 1000 years.

As of April 1st, 2008 the incredible Cayo Largo (Long Key) fishery came under the management of Avalon Fishing Center. Based on our experience and great fishing results in this area, Avalon continues to protect this fragile ecosystem. Together with biologists and marine specialists, Avalon has designated Cayo Largo a fly fishing only destination.

Cayo Largo is located a short 20 minute flight south of Havana and you can be into fish just minutes from the boat docks. At Cayo Largo you can fish for above average bonefish, large populations of permit as well as snook and tarpon. The fishing areas are carefully managed each day and the only guided fly fishing boats in the fishing area are out of this marina. No commercial fishing is allowed. Guides are assigned areas each day and many days you see no other boats all day. This is truly a phenomenal fishery and the easiest to reach in Cuba.

The marine scenery is incredible around the coral reef system that links the chain of islets around Cayo Largo like an underwater bridge. You will find all your favorite water sports on this island. Scuba diving lovers will be amazed by the explosion of color in this underwater world. The bounty of nature found at Cayo Largo is a well-kept secret. It has pristine coral reefs and is complemented by neighboring keys inhabited by numerous species of flora and fauna, among them iguanas, pelicans and turtles. The small town of Cayo Largo is beautifully cared for and includes a few nice bars and restaurants in addition to the lodge.

You have two options for lodging on Cayo Largo. One, you can stay at the Sol Club Cayo Largo which is a fabulous all-inclusive resort with large pools, 3 restaurants, a nightly dinner buffet fit for a king, a spa, a large private beach with a bar on the beach, tennis courts, nightly professional entertainment in a covered outdoor theater and more.

This all-inclusive resort has 296 rooms and covers acres of land. It is only 4 km from the boat launch and your stay includes a morning and evening taxi ride to the marina for fishing.

The other option for fisherman is the less expensive, still all inclusive, Villa Marinera. Here you stay a few steps from the marina, have your own smaller pool, nice clubhouse and restaurant. Cayo Largo could be your greatest all around saltwater experience, and at Wild On The Fly, we have personal experience with all facets of Cayo Largo! Let us book you on this amazing adventure!