Recommended Gear for Casa Blanca Lodge, Yucatan-Mexico

A Blanca Lodge along with its sister Playa Blanca Lodge is situated on Punta Pajaros island which sits between Ascension and Espiritu Santo Bays just off of the coast of Yucatan Mexico. Stretching for 25 miles the island rests in the center of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve which is one of the world’s largest protected areas and is a Unesco World Heritage site,.

For fly fishermen the location of Casa Blanca Lodge on the southern edge of Ascension Bay, it is literally surrounded by some of the most sought after game fish in the world. Casa Blanca is one of the best saltwater fly fishing lodges in the world, offering its guests, in addition to the amazing fishing, the finest facilities and a professional lodge staff that is devoted to making your stay memorable. For that reason it has been selected by Wild On The Fly as one of the premier lodges available to our clients.