Recommended Gear for Bair's Lodge, South Andros-Bahamas

Since anglers began stalking bonefish the name Andros has meant big fish - and South Andros is home to giants! For those ready to climb to the top of the Bonefish ladder, there is only one destination: The Legendary Bair's Lodge. Ideally situated for fishing the South and West Flats of Andros, Bair's accesses some of the most remote flats while providing many sheltered locations irrespective of wind direction. The lodge has also come to represent the benchmark in terms of quality guiding, delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and courteous hospitality.

Bair’s Lodge sits on the east side of South Andros Island in the Bahamas archipelago. The lodge is sandwiched between Deep Creek and Little Creek. These east to west arteries spill into an expanse of inland flats with hundreds of small cays and connecting channels, covering more than 120 square miles.

Andros is the largest of the Family Islands, yet remains one of the least developed. The pace of life here is mellow and dictated by the motions of the ocean - as it has been for centuries. The exquisite beachside hamlet of South Andros is peaceful, friendly, family-oriented and yours to explore. For instance, along the eastern coast of Andros you’ll find the third largest barrier reef in the world called the Tongue of the Ocean. Beyond the reef the deep trench teems with Wahoo, Tuna, and dolphin, as well as the occasional marlin and sailfish. Within the reef you’ll reap ample opportunities to target snapper, grouper and barracuda. Wild On The Fly guarantees this lodge will be one of your all time best experiences!