Chile is a popular destination for fly fishing, with a wide range of rivers and streams that are home to a variety of species such as brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout. The Patagonian Andes region of Chile is particularly well-known for its fly fishing opportunities, with rivers like the Rio Puelo, the Rio Futaleufu, and the Rio Palena considered among the best in the country. Additionally, the region of Los Rios, Los Lagos, and Aysen have also good fly fishing destination, with many rivers and lakes, and a variety of species.

Fly fishing in Chile is best done from late October to April, during the summer season, when the rivers are at their best. To fly fish in Chile, you should bring your own equipment and flies. It is also recommended to hire a guide who can provide valuable insight on the best fishing spots and techniques, as well as help with obtaining the necessary licenses. Chile has a good infrastructure for fly fishing tourism and you can find many lodges and operation that can help you plan your trip.