Fly Fishing Australia

Australia, a unique and magnificent land, boasts extraordinary landscapes and a deeply rooted ancient culture. As the world's sixth-largest country by land area, it uniquely governs an entire continent. The diverse climate, ranging from tropical in the North to temperate in the South, offers unparalleled fly fishing experiences with a variety of species exclusive to this region. The country's rich ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic, are home to over 1 million native species, with a remarkable 80 percent being endemic to Australia. Anglers can explore the thrill of catching from a pool of over 4,000 fish species, a number that's ever-growing. Wild on the Fly Adventure Travel is strategically partnered across all corners of this vast continent to enhance these fishing adventures.
The saltwater fishing scene in Australia is incredibly diverse, offering chances to catch everything from permit, bonefish, and trevallies to sailfish, tunas, and the iconic barramundi. Freshwater fishing is equally exciting, with options like saratoga, sight fishing for murray cod, and trout fishing in the serene Tasmania. Wild on the Fly Adventure Travel collaborates with the most trusted guides and lodges, ensuring top-tier advice and bespoke itineraries for both anglers and their families. Our offerings range from hosted liveaboard experiences, day trips in Sydney's vibrant surroundings, to all-inclusive lodge packages in areas recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Furthermore, in partnership with Tourism Australia, Wild on the Fly Adventure Travel is delighted to recommend an array of non-fishing activities. From exquisite wining and dining experiences to swimming with whales and exploring other scenic attractions, there's something for every traveler in this majestic land.