Finatical Flyfishing Women's Only Trip - Aqua Boa Lodge - Brazil

Finatical Flyfishing Women's Only Trip - Aqua Boa Lodge - Brazil

Join this WOMEN'S ONLY trip to Brazil and fish the Aqua Boa River for Peacock Bass!

Start Date

Dec 28, 2024, 2:00 pm

End Date

Jan 4, 2025, 7:00 pm





Anglers from around the world have been astounded and charmed by the spectacular and unspoiled rainforest surroundings and the ultimate fly-fishing experience of sight-fishing for Peacock Bass at Agua Boa lodge. 20 different species of fish on the fly have been landed here, with different species of Peacock Bass being the prime target. These range in size from the Butterfly Peacock with an average size of 3 to 5 lbs up to the giant Tucanare Peacock Bass averaging around 23 lbs.. Pirarucu, Piranha, Aruana, and Pacu are also plentiful.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located in one of the Amazon’s last remaining tracts of uncut and uninhabited rainforest on a clear water peacock bass fishery. The lodge provides anglers with a level of comfort, friendly service, and sense of privacy in the rainforest that will make anyone feel at home. Of course, one look out at the white sand beach in front of camp, and you will know immediately that you are someplace far from home.

The lodge is a spacious facility with a large dining room, a living room, bar and game room. Private air conditioned bungalows each have two beds and a private bathroom. Each bungalow has a large front and back porch, hammock and sitting area. Inside there is a main room with two double beds, a reading area, frigobar, and table. The bungalows have hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, and enough storage for even the best packed angler. The hot water is provided by solar panels, which are weather dependent. WIFI and 110 volt electricity are available from 5 PM to 9 AM. Laundry service is included.


Fly into Manaus, Brazil on Friday, December 27th and the Agua Boa team will meet you on their side of customs. You will be transferred to a hotel for the evening and back to the airport for your private charter to the lodge on Saturday morning. The charter to the lodge leaves at 6 AM Saturday morning and we will have a half day fishing. Sunday through Friday will be full days of fishing with lunch on the boat. We’ll have breakfast at the lodge on Saturday and arrive back in Manaus by 11 AM. International departures should be scheduled after 1 PM on January 4, 2025.

 What’s Included
• 6.5 days guided fishing
• Charter Flight from Manaus to the lodge
• Beer, wine and Brazilian liquors
• Transfers from the airport to the hotel in Manaus.

What’s Not Included
• Flights to Manaus, Brazil
• Meals and hotel in Manaus on December 27th
• Global Rescue and Trip Insurance
• Gratuities for guides and staff
• Lodging and meals in Manaus


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